Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Artist Statement

The Anointed One (detail), by Joseph F. Brickey

In the annals of art history, I wish to earn a place among that class of artists who transcend their time, who share not an age but an aesthetic, from the great masters of Antiquity to those of the Renaissance and beyond.  In short, I wish to be counted among the Classicists.  Not simply for matching their style, nor even their excellence, but for sharing their motivations, the ideology that begat classicism. 

I believe that the physical world is patterned after the spiritual realm, and that the beauties of the earth are embedded with the truths of heaven.  I believe that the principles of truth, beauty, and virtue are all manifestations of the divine, and that in the language of art they find their purest expression and finest synthesis in the conventions of classicism.

As an artist who loves the human figure, and believes the body is a temple, I seek to restore the sacred to the somatic, the spirit to the flesh, that figurative art may once again give place for piety, inspire reverence for that which is holy, and give voice to the divine nature common to us all.